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                                                 Airoute Cargo (Toronto) Ltd.

 Our Business is Your business. Building relationships based on trust and executing it on PURPOSE

A team that understands your specific needs

      Founded in 1999 the company's philosophy has never changed. The Mission is all about "planning your work and working your plan" .

With a network of qualified professionals from accross the globe, Airoute can strategically plan your critical shipment. Whether your cargo is project sensitive or your frozen foods or pharma are critical, we have the network to assist you on a 24/7 basis. Airoute understands your needs. Your domestic or International needs. Our qualified personel are on call for you, the customer.

    The past 16 years has been the preferred freight forwarding solution for our customers. While Offering Airfreight- Ground freight-Rail freight and Ocean freight services. Airoute Cargo (Toronto) Ltd offers the flexibility to meet your changing needs. With our comprehensive range services plus guaranteed and cost-saving options, Airoute Cargo (Toronto) Ltd can meet your freight requirements with reliability and professionalism. Select from an array of transit times. Next Flight Out , Overnight, or Economy (General Freight) depending on your requirements.

At Airoute Cargo Toronto Ltd, everyday challenges become new ideas. We thrive on developing and implement solutions.

Our  proactive approach and a 24/7 commitment to customer service provides you with accurate updates in regards to the status of your shipment. Having the right team, the right tools, the brilliant people within the industry network provides our customer service team the proper tools to keep your shipment on schedule AND we provide up to the minute communications with you, the customer.




Innovative technology  working for you.

Teamwork at Airoute Cargo (Toronto) Ltd. has you covered.

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